Location Magdeburg

Dynamic logistic is a question of location and experience. While transport costs are increasing, the favourable location of Magdeburg at the geographical heart of Europe, promising to save transport costs, provides a competitive advantage for investment casting and entrepreneurship.

Companies needing a well-developed logistics infrastructure and close proximity to an inland port will choose Magdeburg as a top business location offering excellent conditions like nowhere else in East Germany.

Non-Stop on all ways. Locations of interest to companies relying upon logistics services are the industrial sites in Magdeburg which are easily accessible by road, rail and waterway. Due to direct motorway access as well as close proximity to the railway station and to the largest inland port of the new German states, such companies find themselves in a favourable position to alternatively use all means of transport.

Close connected

  • Street: Cetrally located at the federal motorways A2, A14 and the federal streets B1, B71, B81, B184 and B189.
  • Water: Magdeburg port, largest inland port of middle Germany at the water street cross, the point of intersection of the Elbe, Mittellandkanal and Elbe-Havel-Kanal.
  • Railway: Excellent connection to the international rail network.
  • Air: Optimal availability of the three international airports Halle-Leipzig, Berlin and Hannover.

Your benefits at our site:

  • 24/7 site security
  • All around carefree packages with all necessary performances out of one hand. At this we can look back to year long experience in handling and transportation of high quality machinery.
  • Storage of pieces up to 100 to under the hook. Beside the storage is a construction and presentation of the machines here possible, too.
  • A seaworthy packaging. In close cooperation with our Partner we sort out the best and most economic solution for your product for the complete way to your customer / the enduser.
  • Shipping/Air freight. In this point we work with partners whos service skills matches with our own. In some countries we can offer the follow-up until the final destination of you costumer out of one hand.
  • Dismantling / company removal. Lifting gears / Skidways / trained stuff are not a problem; since Years we work with different partners. Please visit our partner webpage: www.maschinen-demontagen.de